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Visa for Bhutan

Like every country, a valid passport and a visa are required visiting Bhutan. Except for citizens of India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives, one should obtain a visa before arriving in Bhutan through a registered tour operator. Bhutan has a policy for limiting the number of tourists entering the country at any given time.

An entry permit of 7-14 days is valid for Paro and Thimpu. Other regions require special permits. Permits can also be extended upon request. Himalayan Trekkers can help you manage and get the Visa for all travelers.

Traveling in Bhutan is strictly controlled and to do any independent travel outside of a group tour is extremely difficult and will be quite expensive to organize. We provide a group visa for travelers to Bhutan. Travelers need to cover only those time periods as mentioned on their itinerary on the day of entrance and depart on the same day as their pre-issue flight scheduled. As the Bhutan government has a strict rule, it will be easy for travelers if they maintain their itinerary.


Before Starting Your Trip

Traveling to a foreign location is not as easy as it may sound as if you are not well prepared. For the best experience, Himalayan Trekkers have some guidelines in order to have a smooth and comfortable trip for your upcoming days. Please go through them carefully before planning your adventure trip with us:

  • Please do register at your embassy before starting your adventure.
  • Check-in with your doctor for health issues.
  • A travel insurance coverage up to an altitude of 6000m is a must.
  • You accept our TERMs and Conditions
  • Collect all the information about climate, weather & best traveling seasons.
  • Please go through information about Safety Guidelines.
  • Have information about the scheduled trip itinerary including your meals and accommodation.
  • Go through the luggage policy and gears required for your trip.
  • Gather enough information about the country.


Bhutanese cuisine

People leaving here love to eat spicy food with lots of combined flavors. Chilies are one of the most important ingredients for every food. Red Rice is the most popular dish with a bowl of vegetables & well-cooked meat. It will be quite interesting to try jashamaroo or maru (spicy chicken), phakshapaa (pork with red chilies) and Emadatshi which is prepared with chilies and cheese.  


Gear List

We strongly suggest you carry the minimum required. All the important documents should be with you all the time. Besides that, we have listed the following.

Head to Feet:

Sun hat or scarf.
Sunglass with UV protection.
Warm hat.
Warm gloves.
Pullovers and waterproof jackets.
Thermal tops

Hiking shorts and trousers.
Thermal bottoms.
woolen pants/trousers.
Hiking/trekking boats.
comfortable shoes.
Pair of cotton and woolen socks.


Sleeping bag.
Trekking bag with a day pack.
Suncream and lip balm.
Electronic gadgets with a good charger (power bank).
Guidebook, map with a notebook and pen.
Hiking poles.
Personal first aid kit.


Group Size & Crew Members

Himalayan trekkers have many packages with fixed departures where huge numbers of travelers join. Normally the group size number for trekking or tour is a maximum of 8 pax. If the number increases than the group size, we will split the group.

For various activities, we have a team of experts who will be leading you in your respective activities to provide lots of fun with knowledge. 

  • For small group/solo traveler; you will have a certified guide for tour and trek (porter can be added in request).
  • For medium/large group explorer: You will have a certified guide with an assistant guide for tours and trek where a number of porters depend upon team need.


Insurance Policy & Safety

As safety is the first priority, any travelers traveling to Bhutan need to purchase valid insurance as per the government rules for traveler safety. There are countless benefits of travel insurance which covers all the unseen circumstances including theft of luggage. Bhutan is also a very safe place. 


Currency & Banking Info

Some of the major city souvenir shops and hotels at Paro & Thimphu easily accept your credit cards. It will be easy for you if you will carry cash for your personal expenses. Bhutan’s unit of currency is called Ngultrum (Nu.). We would recommend you to carry bigger bills like (50 USD / 100 USD ). You could easily exchange your currency at different exchange houses at Paro airport and bank of Bhutan branches in major townships including Thimphu.

Finding ATMs will not be that easy. Be sure to carry enough cash to cover your purchases as you won’t be able to rely on ATM or credit card access.


Electronics & Devices

Electrical sockets (outlets) in the Kingdom of Bhutan usually supply electricity between 220 and 240 volts AC. If you're plugging in an appliance that has been built for 220-240 V electrical input, or an appliance if so you will be able to use your device only with one extra adapter. It will be helpful for you, to carry fewer gadgets throughout your travel for your comfort.


What if I am an Indian citizen?

Being an Indian nationality with Indian currency (INR) will be easy on use, with the equivalent exchange rate.  And you can easily use Indian currency on most of the local markets and hotels for your purchase of any goods/services.


Some interesting facts about Bhutan

  • It was an independently known country in 1974.
  • Organized life says, no to traffic lights.
  • Creating good fortune begins with their painting phalluses on their homes which is an amazing piece of art.
  • Walking on the path revealed by the lord Buddha with Buddhism lessons to create lightness on their life.
  • Protecting the environment for future passes through the blood from the higher generation to the upcoming life.
  • The national sport of Bhutan is archery.
  • Life begins with your smile so we change the gross national product to 'Gross National Happiness'.


Souvenirs Shopping

Traveling includes collection of souvenirs and Bhutan is also famous for its amazing color combination of goods. Bhutanese textiles, gofur (handmade wooden bowl), wild mushrooms, dried red chili, ceremonial masks are some memories to take home. You can collect those on the local markets with price starting from USD 10 up and above. 


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