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Wedding tours in Nepal

Nepal is a culturally diverse country with so many different traditions. Similarly the wedding traditions are also different for different ethnic groups, religion and caste. There are many different ceremonies even within the same ethnic group varying in between cities and villages. Mostly cities have a larger than life marriage ceremonies with bands and nice cars followed by big parties, whereas the marriages in villages are more cultural and simple. Weddings in Nepal are held for minimum 2 days to a week and reflect the social bonding and family values of the Nepalese. Many people tend to make the marriage ceremonies as an opportunity of have fun with singing and dancing and to reunite with relative near ones and distinct.

Adventure Mission Nepal has been offering tailor made packages marriage, Mostly for couples on holiday who want to get married in either Hindu or Buddhist traditions to make their marriage more strong. Weddings can be organized in places of your interest such as the Everest or Annapurna Base camps, Hindu temples or Buddhist monasteries.

For a Hindu Marriage we conduct the marriages with the help of a Hindu priest with ceremonies around the fire. Mostly done nearby or inside the premises of the temples we will prepare wedding costumes for the bride and groom in typical styles either Hindu or Buddhist. Brides will have red sari and other matching dresses with jewelries and the groom wears Daura Suruwal, a typical Nepalese style suit along with the Nepalese Hat. The marriage takes around 5 hours to be completed and it is followed by a party.

We organize the wedding parties as desired by the guest. Depending on how many people and what kind of party you want we arrange for the same. The cost varies depending on what kind of party you want to throw.  We will also make arrangements to legally register your marriage. So Join us in this life time opportunity of getting married in Nepal with Nepalese traditions. Contact AMN staff at info@himalayantrekkers.com for more info about the following marriage ceremonies and cost factors in a marriage-

  • Thakuri Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • Chhetri Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • Brahman Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • Magar Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • Tharu Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • Sherpa Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • Newari Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • Tamang Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • Rai Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • Gurung Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • Limbu Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • Thakali Traditional Wedding Nepal

If not participating as bride and groom you can participate in Nepalese weddings as guest. We provide you the dress and jewelleries necessary for attending a marriage and make all arrangements. Please note that marriages in Nepal take place in March, April,  June, July, November and December . You can inquire with us about the nearest marriage ceremony being held and then participate.

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