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Volunteer Trips in Nepal

Helping in Nepal is one of the different and life time experience. You adopt in the local areas and familiar with the culture and hospitality of the people. The culture of Nepalese people are very different from your culture, it is friendly, rich in art and philosophy. This helps to a very wealthy learning experience. We join the volunteering period with the other adventurous activities of Nepal like trekking, short hike, wildlife sightseeing, rafting, and biking as well as cultural tours and so on. These depend upon the interests, time, budgets and activities.


Areas of volunteering in Nepal are varied like Early Childhood Development, Orphanage Homes, Environment & Water Research, Nepal Teacher Development, Community Health & Medical Care, and Women's Empowerment and many more.

Generally, these NGOs are seeking for the people who can deal with websites, prepare brochures, photos, documents etc. There are lots of fields for the volunteering like nursing, physiotherapy, psycho counseling and particular medical field. In the same way, private organizations seeks volunteer in IT, Finance managers, business planners, marketing officer, designers etc. Similarly, post can be established for expertise fields such as gardening, pest control, and town planning and so on.


Generally many positions are inside the Kathmandu valley with some particular positions takes place in the field of trekking regions and villages and towns of Nepal.


The time of volunteering lies on the complete customized work which will be indomitable throughout wide ranging contact between the volunteer and organizations. Generally, time periods are from minimum one week to four weeks. This is completely paid volunteering prospect. The time starts from the airport pick up, information and sightseeing of the country and the organizations including culture, languages and welcome or farewell dinner. 


Accommodation can be managed in local guest houses, home stays, and stars hotel depending upon the area, budgets and interests.

Volunteering Trips:

  • Orphanage Home

    Adventure Mission Nepal (AMN) has been dealing with the many child care and orphanage volunteering programs in Nepal. Each and every year more than hundreds of discarded children and orphans can be found in the streets of Nepal especially in Kathmandu. Most of them become child laborers and they become haters as streets child and they won't get sufficient time to get pleasure from their babyhoods. AMN aspires to provide them their pleasure and early hood. If you desire to engage as volunteer you should work with one of the orphanages where AMN has contact with. You can give the proper care, time and enjoy with them as well as support them which they have never expected and got.

    Your motive is to help the children of age 3 to 15 to complete their homework, teach them about the health and sanitation, engage in creative arts and crafts, and persuade them about doing the good things. You can also take them cultural tours, picnic. Your work is to teach the science, English and Math if you can. You can also help them in their activities like make them ready for school every morning. Many ex volunteer told this trip entirely changed their life and vision to see the world. For this you don’t requires the high level education and skills but simple high schools skills is necessary. Similarly, you have to work about 5 hours a day in one rest day in a week.

    More than hundreds of orphans depart from their villages in search of better work to the city areas. Generally these children left the schools and work as child employee in the hotels, houses, restaurants and factories. These orphans desperately require a proper care, love, attention and knowledge that open the door for better works and bright future.

    For detail information contact info@himalayantrekkers.com

  • Community Health and Medical Care

    AMN Medical care and Community Health trip plans to progress the health status of the people and the society by the help of the proper education, health facility and public health development. Volunteers can be engaged with various projects according to their desires and concern as well as the necessity of the society at the particular time and period. 

    AMN helps the public and local health center by giving the skilled and knowledgeable doctor and nurses as well as staffs and some medicines too. People who wants to do volunteer should assists in the healthy post, clinic, analysis patients, assisting the medical personals at the clinic and giving useful instruction or training to the medical staffs. However, everyday health post is open but doctors attend there only 3 or 4 days a week.

    Proper community health education is very fruitful and sustains way in which AMN can develop education and health of the people and the society. We have varied sections like schools groups, children groups, women's groups, men's groups, olds groups. These trips are designed by the interns according to the needs and desires of the society. Interns or volunteers then start these trips and sections with the assist of the translator wherever necessary.     

    Health problems exist in the community is due to be deficient in of proper health facilities, lack of basic health and sanitation knowledge, hygiene. So, we help for the build of toilet within the villages and society. Recently, investigation shows that it has a huge impact in the community through these programs. Today also many houses don’t have toilet facility and many volunteers are engaged in the maintenance, construction and associated information for the change in the behavior. These tasks are calculated by the help of health research which gives the proper direction of the people and community health program. Mostly, interns or volunteers are engaged in scheming and performing the health inspections with the assists of the AMN representatives. Engaging with AMN as volunteer presents an dynamic and life time experience to recognize and work in the gracious and passionate society.

    For detail information contact info@himalayantrekkers.com

  • Teacher Development of Nepal

    This program provides the golden prospect to know the educational structure of Nepal in villages and rural part of Nepal. The main objective of this program is to create optimistic feelings. Volunteer can get opportunity to monitor teaching technique applied inside the classroom and design and commence programs and workshops of self by providing the information and instruction to the local educators in the communication areas. Also, you can teach and share your knowledge to the students as well as teachers. The main motive of this program is to substitute the teachers of Nepal's and foreign for short span of time. This program provides a good platform for the worthy and quality education.

    This program also helps teachers by giving the well equipped and latest teaching materials and also sharing the experience and feelings of their native places or countries. The major aim of the teacher development is for quality and standard education. In Nepal most of the government schools have the unqualified and untrained teachers. So our motive is to give the quality education by the help of teacher development. We organize different programs like training for teachers and students, workshops, seminars, interaction with teachers and students, support and many more. Due to these activities most of the students and teachers are benefited and has brought the positive change inside and outside of the classrooms activities as well as behaviors.

    If you have interest in this program then you are heartily welcome to perform any sorts of programs or activities that help for the teacher development. Your small help can make a great change in the life of children's and their education. More importantly our aim is to exchange the teachers across the world so that they can expand the perspective of knowledge in the areas. This will give the opportunity to the teachers to come out and spread the knowledge. To participate in volunteer activities you should have English language and you can learn the Nepalese language while engaging. You can have home stay or you can stay in guest houses. Similarly, your working hours will be 3/4 hours a day with one day rest in a week. However, you should have some experience in teaching field and should have written and spoken English.

    For detail information contact info@himalayantrekkers.com

  • Teaching English at Buddhist Monastery or Nunnery:

    This volunteering program gives you a perfect glimpse of Buddhist life at the Monastery. It helps to get the information and hospitality of the Buddhist people. Also, helps to exchange the feelings and experiences of the people of certain society and westerners. The interns or volunteers can get the knowledge about the culture of Buddhists. In the same way, Monks and Nuns can study the English and other languages, which is exceptionally significant advantage for them. Volunteer can have the knowledge of the role of student and teacher, authority and humility.

    As interns/ volunteers you will offer fundamental spoken English trainings to Nepali and Tibetan Monk and bun adults and children. People who come for volunteer also arrange different creative activities, drawing, paintings and many indoor or outdoor games. Also volunteer can contribute and observe in typical ceremonies of Buddhists in monastery. If you are scheduling to volunteer in your leisure times, holidays or after retired from the job this is a perfect program to teach English at Buddhist Monastery. While teaching you can have good experience of the Monks and Nuns life style, culture, philosophy and meditation.

    For detail information contact info@himalayantrekkers.com