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Upper Dolpo Trekking - 26 days

Juphal Airport

Juphal Airport

upper dolpo trekking

Upper Dolpo




An alpine fresh water oligotrophic lake in Nepal's Shey Phoksundo National Park, located at an altitude of 3,611.5 m Dolpa


Hana, way to Numala

Dhoo Tarap

Dhoo Tarap

Upper Dolpo area is one of the beaten tracks lies at far west part of Nepal. It is one of the unique paths for trekking and views are still virgin. In this area you can see the pretty nature with medicinal land, culture and traditions of the people, many monasteries of Buddhists and civilized human society at an elevation. Trekking at the Dolpo area is a dream for every trekker and it is one of the memorable trips in everyone's life. While trekking you will get opportunity to see the different species of wild flowers and different types of animals like Snow Leopards, Blue Sheep and giant bird called Himalayan Griffon. The main occupation of the people is trading. They are concerned in salt trade from native country Tibet.  However, this is their tradition and it is going on with one generation to another generation.

Dolpo region is conserved by national park called Shey-Phoksundo which is situated to the northern side of the Dhaulagiri series adjoining to the Tibetan Plateau. In this National park you will get chance to see the different species of plants eco-system and animals such as Himalayan Blue Sheep and indefinable Snow Leopard are well managed and conserved. Similarly, from this point you can see the peak like Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Kanjiroba and also can see the crystal clear view of the Phoksundo Lake. These mountains and lake as well as the Phoksundo Gompa make your trip life time unforgettable. Phoksundo Gompa is devoted to Bonpo religion. The natural beauty of the Dolpo and its life style and culture of the people can be seen in the famous Oscar nominated film called "Caravan". Dolpo is very famous for its beaten track and the hospitality of the people. And still it is home for many animals like Himalayan Blue Sheep, Wolves, Spotted Leopard and different species of plants.

Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu
Day 02: Explore the city and prepare for the trek.
Day 03: Flight to Nepalgunj.
Day 04: Flight to Jumla:
Day 05: Trek to Gothi Chaur (2775m)
Day 06: Trek to Naphukhona (3000m)
Day 07: Trek to Maure-La(3900m)
Day 08: Trek to Hurikot (2600m)
Day 09: Trek to Garpung Khola
Day 10: Explore Village
Day 11: Trek to Kagmara-La (5200m)
Day 12: Trek to Pungmo
Day 13: Rest Day
Day 14: Trek to Ringmo
Day 15: Rest day
Day 16: Trek to Kang Taiga (5950m)
Day 17: Trek to Bhanjyang Bagar (5210m)
Day 18: Trek to Tarap valley
Day 19: Trek to Dho:
Day 20: Trek to Kanigaon (2750m)
Day 21: Trek to Tarakot
Day 22: Trek to Dunai
Day 23: Trek to Juphal
Day 24: Flight to Nepalgunj
Day 25: Fly to Kathmandu and rest day
Day 26: Farewell
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  2. Day 1 Arrive Kathmandu
    Arrive at Kathmandu after a scenic flight over the mountains. Meet the representative of Adventure Mission Nepal Treks & Expedition (AMN) and transfer to Hotel.

    Day 02: Explore the city and prepare for the trek.
    You can spend this day exploring some of the World heritage sites in Kathmandu valley for some time and prepare for the trek in the afternoon. Overnight at Hotel.

    Day 03: Flight to Nepalgunj:
    We will take an early flight to Nepalgunj, which is at the far west part of Nepal. Nepalgunj is situated to the border of neighboring country India. This one hour flight gives you the magnificent view of the Himalayan range of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna range, Mt. Manaslu, as well as Langtang.

    Day 04: Flight to Jumla:
    We will take very first flight of the day to Jumla. Flight will be half hour and at the camping site we will meet our other members- porters and Kitchen team who will be already there by walking 10 days early and will be waiting for us. Remaining day you can explore the area.

    Day 05: Trek to Gothi Chaur (2775m)
    We start our day with the slow speed because it's our first day as days going we will increase our speed also. We will take the trail south of Jumla after trekking an hour we will reach a bridge which is half of Garjankot. While walking ahead we will pass a few settlement and irrigational channel. We will also see the magnificent view if the hill and some small peaks. Our camp is just below 220m at a sheep called Gothi Chaur. We will stay overnight there.

     Day 06: Trek to Naphukhona (3000m)
    On this day our path descends for an hour to the bank of the river called Tila. We will walk through the alpine forest and cross small rivers too. After couple hours of trekking we will reach at the Munigaon which is a small human settlement and there is a small police Check post too. We will walk towards the east of check post and reach at the bridge within half hour. While walking you can see the different types of Himalayan range and sub tropical forests. After lunch we march towards the village called Naphukhona, which has a huge Tibetan chorten. From this point our campsite is just 20 minutes below the Gompa called Chorteng. We will stay overnight there.

    Day 07 : Trek to Maure-La(3900m)
    We will walk through green forest next to the river and start to trek the Maure-La (3900m). The ascend is slightly upwards with the stunning view of the Bheri River and panoramic view of the mountains called matathumba and Ghyuthumba, the first person to put the feet in Dolpo is Dr. Herbert Tichy in 1953.  From there you can see the giant mountain Api to the west and also you can see the Annapurna II and Mt. Dhaulagiri while passing through the forest.

    Day 08 : Trek to Hurikot (2600m)
    Today we pass through the green forests and can see the panoramic view of Kaghmara Lekh and Bheri River. The path is slightly ascends until we reach the village called Chaurkot. After walking for some minutes we can see the village Kaigaon and Rimi and trail descends through Rimi, which is quite rough. We continue our walk by enjoying the scenic beauty till we reach the village called Hurikot (2600m).

    Day 09 : Trek to Garpung Khola
    We start our day after breakfast and the trail ascends slowly above to the Garpung Khola for couple of hours unless we reach Jagdula Khola and we will take rest and have our lunch there. After walk we continue trekking, and while walking we can see the stunning view of Kagmara and scenic beauty of it. We move towards the camping site by crossing Garpung Khola through bridge.

    Day 10 : Explore Village
    Today we will walk very little at the morning and at the afternoon we will take rest. We will walk couple of hours crossing the bridge and enjoying the natural eco-system to arrive a next camping site. We will stay overnight there.

    Day 11 : Trek to Kagmara-La (5200m)
    Today we cross the Kagmara-La (5200m) by taking a lunch with us. We take the path from the right bank of the river until the trail turned out to be a vertical ascends. When we reach at the top the trail becomes easy to walk. While climbing and walking you will get opportunity to see the outstanding view of the nature with Himalayan range. We will spend some time there by enjoying the beauty. Within an hour of walk we will reach to our campsite.

    Day 12 : Trek to Pungmo
    Today we will walk through a peaceful valley to the village called Pungmo. This village offers you the true hospitality and you will get a chance to learn about the traditions and cultures of the local people. Our camp is built near the entrance to the village. However, if you are lucky then you can see the Himalayan Blue Sheep and Wild Fox from your camp.

    Day 13 : Rest Day
    Today is rest day and if you want then you can explore the village and the famous Gompa above Pungmo. You can find two Gompas there where "Bon" as well as "Traditional Buddhism" are experienced.

    Day 14 : Trek to Ringmo
    Today we will walk through the crystal clear Phoksundo lake to reach the village Ringmo. We will walk downwards for an hour to reach the Military camp at the crossroads of the Pungmo and Phoksundo river. From the Military camp we will take left and follow an amusing trail of Phoksundo Lake to a grassy land for our lunch. After lunch, we walk towards Ringmo which is a beautiful village and you can see the prayer flags in almost every house and from there you can also see the magnificent lake.

    Day 15 : Rest day
    Today is the rest day. Today either you rest or explore a village and monastery. You can also have chat with local people and can gain some knowledge about their lifestyles and cultures.

    Day 16 : Trek to Kang Taiga (5950m)
    Today is an easy day and we walk couple of hours in the morning to a Yak grazing field by the Manduwa Khola. We can see different hotels and rest house while walking. We can see the stunning view from the Suli Gad and transversely to the Kagmara. After couple of hours walk we will reach to our campsite below Kang Taiga (5950m), which is one of the suitable and beautiful place for camping. 

    Day 17 : Trek to Bhanjyang Bagar (5210m)
    Today is very difficult day passing the Basic Bhanjyang Bagar (5210m). It is one of the favorite place for every trekkers, we pass the watershed of the Mountain into the arid Tibetan Plateaus. We follow the path of the river and after that the trail diverts to the north which is the initial side of the valley and ascends to the pass where we can see the prayer flags.

    Day 18: Trek to Tarap valley
    Today we will walk through the stunning Tibetan scenery, which is one of the major attractions of the trek. We ascend almost 6 hours to see the panoramic view of Himalayan Range like Mt. Dhaulagiri I, Kanjiroba Mountain as well as Tibetan mountains. After some walk we will reach to our today's destination Tarap Valley.

    Day 19 : Trek to Dho:
    After breakfast we start our walk and pass through the villages Clumaga and Kakar which are very beautiful with the prayer flags. In Dho, you will find two Gompas- Guru Bumba (Chob) and Scipcha Gompa. We will leave Dho and head towards the Tarap Khola by walking couple of hours. We will have our lunch there and move forwards by crossing the numerous tiny bridges.

    Day 20 : Trek to Kanigaon (2750m)
    We will walk through the narrow gorge to the cliff site. After couple of hours of walk in morning we will reach to the river side called Lahini which is also the end of the narrow canyon. While walking if you are lucky then you will encounter with Musk Deer.  After some walk we will reach to our camping site.

    Day 21 : Trek to Tarakot
    Today we will walk east from the check post to well maintained bridge which passed to the left side of the Barbung River, into which Tarap river flow. We will walk three hours followed the river to the village called Tarakot where we will have our camping site.

    Day 22 : Trek to Dunai
    Today we walk through the Barbung Khola passing the fine looking alpine valley to the Dunai. Dunai village is also called Hindu village. We will stay overnight here.

    Day 23 : Trek to Juphal
    Today is our final day of trekking and we will walk through the river passing the several guest house and teahouses to reach the Juphal airstrip. The trail ascends slightly through the Juphal village to the airport.

    Day 24 : Flight to Nepalgunj
    Today early in the morning we fly to Nepalgunj and rest of the day is free.

    Day 25 : Fly to Kathmandu and rest day.
    Early in the morning we take our flight to Kathmandu and upon arrival in Kathmandu, free day for rest and shopping around in Thamel.

    Day 26 : Farewell
    Final departure and transfer to airport to fly home.

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