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  • Hana Waisserova, Czech Hana Waisserova, Czech
    Mustang Trekking

    Great experience but timing slightly winter (uo to beg April) can be postponed for 2 weeks otherwise wonderfully wonderful experience, great guide Raj Kumar ,DP and Shishir ,professional and friendly services. So trekking with them –GREAT!

    We slept in local lodge –it was simple but we enjoyed a lot and met with local people. Also we appreciate overall cooperation with Adventure Mission Nepal –very reliable and always pleasing us. Thanks a lot to everyone.

  • Anne & David
    Everest High Passes 2010

    Dawa is the most interesting trek guide we have ever met in our life time. His own story of struggle and success is as interesting as the Himalayas. It was a great time with Him and his crew. Keep going!!!!!!!

  • Franchis Collins

    Raj was a great guide very helpful and a pleasure to be with the trek was well organized and was fantastic Trekking was wonderful.

    In trek it was fantastic ,usually hot water in most places in Pokhara it was very noisy. Elephants ride was fantastic ,cultural show was great and swimming with elephants was amazing.

  • Robert Peterson
    High Manaslu 2010

    I was very impressed with the way you organized the trek. I must say you are an amazing operator  very efficient and passionate towards trek management and in addition you are a gifted guide who can make a tiring trek look simple and interesting and the sense of humor you have make us feel better in the isolated regions of the Himalayas.  Your attention to detail is impressive. You can tell you put a lot of thought into how to make the whole experience as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.

  • Michel P
    Gokyo 2008

    Thanks a million times, once again, for the absolutely amazing trek - what a fine, life changing, experience, thanks to you and your amazing crew.

  • Jimmy Panvert
    Everest High Passes 2008

    RAJ- No one can be as inspiring and motivating than you in the mountains!!!!!!! Keep going

  • Ryan

    If you have planned for the trek in the Himalayas, Do it! I have been trekking with AMN since 2007 on and off, and I have been lucky to have done about 4 treks with them over the years. I have trekked with Raj twice Diwakar and Dawa once each and can highly recommend them all as professional, fun, adventurous, knowledgeable and expert guides. Their knowledge about mountain valleys is great and they are always ready for health issues and first aid. the food is amazing! I love nothing more at the end of each day than sitting in the dining tent with everyone drinking numerous hot drinks and eating the freshest and tastiest food sharing the days' stories. I always come away feeling so fit,! Happy and healthy. It is also very social and I have trekked with some great and likeminded people who I have kept in contact with and become friends with, visiting them in their home countries when the trek is over. We have even had a reunion trek too, which was a lot of fun! I have trekked in most of the weather conditions in different seasons in India, Nepal and in Tibet and AMN have always put the enjoyment and safety of their clients first. They way they brief you each morning before starting the trek makes you feel much more encouraged to reach the overnight camp and the jokes Raj cracks in the trail is out of this world!!!!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful trek with Adventure Mission Nepal, my friends!

  • Christina Perez, 2007

    I had travelled to Nepal couple of times under or American company and on my third trek which was towards the Everest Base camp I got caught by altitude sickness (nose bleeds, eyesight problem, walking like a drunk). Hence I started the walk down through the mountains to get to a hospital, although I still couldn’t keep either food or water down and having had a few days like this, I was scared. Fortunately, in the "middle of nowhere", I ran into Dawa Sherpa, trek guide who was leading a group for Adventure Mission Nepal. Dawa gave me a Diamox, medicine for altitude sickness and stayed with me to make sure I was fine enough to walk. I walked with his group of Czechs till we reached Lukla. Dawa didn't know me at all, he'd never met me, I wasn't his client, yet he did more to ensure my health and safety in getting back to Lukla than the well known trekking company I'd paid!

    ... I can't thank Dawa enough! Only a Nepalese can have a heart big enough to help a dying person.. I couldn't recommend you more highly. Thank you.

  • Xavier
    Upper Mustang 2007

    The team at Adventure mission Nepal is first class. My trek this year was very well organized, food and sleeping accommodation all great, good variety in the menus. Dawa and crew did the best organization to make this trip a memorable one!!!!!

  • Lowell
    Everest Gokyo & Kala Patthar Christmas 2005.

    (About Kim) I swear you are one of the most amazing people I've ever met. You simply never ceased to amaze me with your seemingly endless energy. On top of that you were always there to see how I was doing and never failing to have a solution to whatever was the problem of the day. Your professionalism, organization, and friendliness shined at every turn.

  • Samuel G
    Kailash Simikot 2005

    Kim, this trek was special. Different and better than any other I did before. Somehow the group became a 'band of brothers'. The spiritual content of the trip produce a calm warm friendship between all of us. That is unique in a trek. And you where the one that made all this good things happened. Thank you.

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