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Rafting and Kayaking

Nepal has more than 6000 small and big rivers and presence of huge number of Himalayan Rivers that flow around the year makes Nepal the second richest country in terms of Fresh water resources after Brazil. These rivers according to their location, strength and water supply serve various purposes and River rafting is one of them. Nepal has gained a reputation of being one of the best destinations for people who love to go for river rafting. River rafting in Nepal can be a nice experience as it is an amalgam of various activites such as exploring the various culture and traditions in the river banks when you go through the rapids. Camping, wildlife and fauna in the forests through which the river flows. Rafting in Nepal is unique in itself because nowhere in the planet you can see such quantity of diverse activites taking place in the river banks. Some of the activites you can witness are Cremation, picnics and traditional dances and songs, fishing with handmade nets and many more interesting activites. You would love to see kids jumping from big stones on the river banks into the river!

There are 16 big Himalayan rivers where Commercial River rafting is allowed in Nepal and you get a variety of choice to make because of diverse nature of the rivers. If you have short time to experience river rafting go for a Short day rafting of 4-5 hours in the Trishuli or the Seti river and if you really love to explore the rivers for a longer time span you can go for longer trips in rivers like Tamor, Arun, Sunkoshi or Karnali where you can do multi day trips ranging from 2-10 days.

If you want to go river rafting in Nepal September to early December and March to early June is regarded as the best time for but if you are hungry for extreme adventure rafting in the monsoon season is ideal for you because of the rising water volume and fierce river during that time.

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