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New & Hidden Trekking Routes

83% of the total land of Nepal is covered by hills and mountains and in between these hills and mountains lay many trails that lead to complete wilderness. Only 10% of the total potential trails of Nepal have been commercially developed as trekking routes. Most of which are crowded with tourist in peak season. The hidden trekking trails of Adventure Mission Nepal is an attempt to provide trekkers with a unique experience of exploring some of the least visited trekking trails that take you close to real Nepal away from regular trekking trails in the popular trekking regions. Our hidden trails are trails which seldom see tourist and trekkers and are not commercialized.

Hidden trekking trails of Nepal take you close to the wilderness and nature where life is simple and people are shy and friendly. No one will try to sell you things /souvenirs but will enjoy talking to you in the language you don’t understand. AMN’s hidden trekking trails are trails that take you beyond your imaginations of a normal trekking as you enter into river valleys, lush green forest and uninhabitated rain shadow areas behind the Himalayas. Try our hidden trekking trails if you want to enjoy the best of rural Nepal.