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Ganesh Himal & Manaslu Trekking

Ganesh Himal is spread over 3 districts Nuwakot, Dhading and Gorkha, and acts as a natural border between Tibet and Nepal. The Trisuli Gandaki valley on the east separates it from the Langtang Himal; the Budhi (Buri) Gandaki valley and the Shyar Khola valley on the west separate it from the Sringi Himal and the Mansiri Himal (home of Manaslu, the nearest 8000m peak. The Ganesh Himal range is the nearest mountain range from Kathmandu and is 70 km away.

Ganesh Himal

Among the 4 peaks in this sub range the Ganesh Himal I also known as Yangra is the highest with an altitude of 7,422 m and the other 3 are more than 7000 m high. A series of 14 peaks around 6000m runs in the sub range. This holy mountain has derived its name from the god of prosperity Ganesh, who is in a half human half elephant form. In fact, the south face of Pabil (Ganesh IV) slightly resembles an elephant, with a ridge that is reminiscent of an elephant's trunk.