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  • Nepal Nepal

    Nepal, the fabled land of Buddha, Hindu temples, and unrivaled mountain scenery, was controlled by a myriad of factions since the 4th century. The modern Nepalese state began in the late 18th century when King Prithvi Narayah Shah successfully unified most of the individual ethnic groups and small principalities into one entity.

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  • Tibet


    The Tibetan plateau, covering 1.23 million sq km is linked to the south by the 2500km long Himalayas and to the west by the Karakoram. With an average height of 4,000 meters above sea level, Tibet encompasses some of the world's highest mountains. Mt. Everest (8848m), the world’s highest peak rises abruptly on the Tibet – Nepal border.

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  • Bhutan


    The name Bhutan, has been derived from the Sanskrit term Bhotanta, which means the end of the land of the Bhots. Bhote is the Sanskrit term for Tibetans. The Bhutanese themselves refer to their country as Druk Yul - the land of the Peaceful Dragon and to themselves as Drukpa. They refer to their religion as Drukpa Kagyupa, which is currently practiced in Western Bhutan. Druk means dragon.

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  • India


    India, where else will you experience spirituality and solitude than in the mystic land of the lords! The rich rituals, distinct culture of India, festivals and ceremonies that India celebrates, unfold its legendary sagas. It’s Ethnicity, languages, cultures and habits of people are in sync with it. With each different state of India, one will notice a new culture and a new language. The geography of India truly makes it a favorable tourist destination.

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