Perfect way to help Nepal to recover from earthquake: Travel Nepal

Tourist and Tourism dollar can help and save the Nepal and Nepalese people from gratuitous suffering. We are very happy to inform you that Nepal is now safe to travel and if you have pre  booked the holiday or if you are planning to visit Nepal, we heartily welcome you.

20150506_114053Although Nepal is rich in its pristine beauty having 8 of the 10 elevated peaks in the worlds, including old as well as ancient temples and palaces, this non-coastal nation of 30 million only receives around 600,000 tourists a year, making tourism a vital possible path for growth. Similarly, there is no proper reason for tourism in Nepal currently contributing around 10% of GDP and jobs to crush to a halt. So we say that, the world must go on as the tourism attractions and products are still there like mountains, jungle safari, adventurous activities, natural flora and fauna, trekking trails and so on.

sunriseLikewise, Nepal government is also in the process to collect data and survey on the loss of infrastructure and damage of heritage sites and renowned trekking trails. However, there are numerous other sectors which could be the new tourist destinations and also there are lots of places to see as only some of the heritage sites have been damaged by the earthquake- 10 out of 75 districts are affected, only 1 out of 10 National Parks is affected. Similarly, only 3 out of 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites have around 40% damages. Also, there are 0% damages in highways and sub highways in Nepal by earthquake, only 2 out of 35 trekking trails are affected. In the same way, communication is perfect all over the Nepal, hospitals and clinics are safe and they are in operation, No viral diseases found till date and lastly, 90% hotels are safe and they are in operation.

Tamang-womenIn nutshell, Nepal is safe, unique and attractive tourist destination for travelling and we can provide you all the services in quality, safety, hospitality and other services to your satisfaction. We insist that Nepal remains safe and advise people to come and visit. Also, people from all around the world are helping Nepal by physically, economically so if you want to help Nepal and rise up again the VISIT NEPAL and contribute.

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