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Bhutan Festivals

Bhutanese people celebrate different festivals like the Bhutanese New Year and other seasonal festivals like the summer solstice etc. But the most common festival is known as Tshechu. It is in fact a religious festival, and is celebrated all over Bhutan, usually after the end of the harvest season. The Thimphu Tshechu in the capital of Bhutan is held in mid September.

The main highlight of the Tshechu is the performance of the masked dances by the monks. There are many kinds of maksed dances all involving different moves, masks and costumes. All of them special religious significances.

According to legend, all these dances appeared in the past Buddhist master's vision during their meditation. The steps and moves are strictly followed as it was performed in the past. Alteration of the steps is seen as sacrilegious and would not be attempted by any masked dance teacher.

Festival Name

  • Bhutan Folk Festival
  • Birth Anniversary of 4th King of Bhutan
  • Birth anniversary of Guru Rinpoche
  • Chhukha Tshechu
  • Chorten Kora
  • Chorten Kora Festival (1)
  • Coronation day of His Majesty the King
  • Dashain
  • Domkhar Festival
  • First Sermon of Lord Buddha
  • Gomkora
  • Jakar Tsechu
  • Jambay Lakhang Drup
  • Kurjey Tshechu
  • Laya Bumkhosa Festival
  • Lhabab Duechen
  • Lhuntse Tsechu
  • Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana
  • Losar
  • Mongar Tsechu
  • Nabji Lhakhang Drup
  • Nalakhar Tsechu
  • National Day
  • Nimalung Tshechu
  • Padsel-Ling Kuchod
  • Paro Tshechu
  • Pemagatsel Tsechu
  • Prakhar Duchoed
  • Punakha Dromache & Tshechu
  • Shabdrug Kuchoe
  • Shingkhar Metochodpa
  • Shingkhar Rabney
  • Sumdrang Kangsol
  • Tamshingphala Choepa
  • Tangbi Mani
  • Tangsibi Mani
  • Thimphu Drupchen
  • Thimphu Tshechu
  • Trashigang Tsechu
  • Trashiyangtse Tsechu
  • Trongsa Tsechu
  • Ura Yakchoe
  • Wangdue Tsechu