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The checklist before you start trek in the Himalayas

 Nepal has one of the greatest altitude variations in the world as altitude ranges from 60m from sea level to the highest point on earth 8848m so you have to be very careful when you plan your trip here. Depending upon places you visit and the climatic conditions that may range from arctic cold to tropical hot, you may need to bring clothes those which suit both the conditions. If you are trekking in the lower altitudes less than 3000m light t-shirts in the day time and a light down jacket for evening will be ok. The weather in the mountains is very unpredictable so it’s advisable to carry water proof jacket and some warm clothes as things can change very fast in this part of the world. For the night time which might be chilling cold in the mountains a down jacket or a warm fleece jacket and thermo-coats and pants will be essential. The good thing about travelling here is if you come from a hot country where you use warm clothes very seldom, you have options to hire down jackets, snow boots, Sleeping bags etc in a very reasonable price in Kathmandu itself.

The list of Gear before you starts your trek.

  • Sleeping bag

Even if you are going for a Tea house trek we suggest you to bring a sleeping bag (Down-filled bags, 4 season or – 20 C graded) as the nights might be extremely cold and you may need one even inside a tea house. For camping we will provide a good one.

  • Sleeping bag liner (Inner set)

This is a small item but can be valuable in the mountains and it gives you additional heat inside the sleeping bag. If you have your own Thermarest, bring it.

  • Daypack/Rucksack.

Day pack is for you to carry things like cameras, water bottle, jackets etc and some other personal articles you require. Keep these things in the day pack and handover the rest of the bags to the porters and please make sure you have included everything as we won’t meet the porters till we reach the overnight camping site or tea-house.

  • Boots

Please bring boots of good quality as the mountain terrain is difficult to walk sometimes. A good boot must provide ankle support, plenty of toe room for long descents, a stiff sole and are must be light because with every step you lift your boot up.

  • Socks

In the cities thin socks will do for you but in the mountains bring thick warm socks at least 4 pairs depending upon the duration of the trek.

  • Slippers/Sandals

Besides shoes in the trek you may need a slipper to move around in the hotel or in the periphery of the hotel as after a long trek your feet must feel some air.

  • Down jacket

This is the most important thing while you go for a trek. You can either bring it from home or hire it in Kathmandu and it’s not expensive at all (USD 2 per day).

  • Wind/rain jacket.

Get s set of Waterproof and breathable rain jacket as there might be occasional rainfalls in the high mountains. Plastic ponchos can also be used but they are not very trust worthy.

  • First aid kit

Although the trek guide will have a first aid kit You can carry few medicines that you might find necessary to carry.

Some other accessories necessary for trek includes-

  • Fleece/sweat pants
  • Day wear shirt
  • Trekking pants
  • Wind pants
  • Underwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Mittens/Gloves
  • Water bottle
  • Torch
  • Toiletries and odds and ends
  • Towel
  • Moisturizer
  • Camera/Note book/Pen
  • Video camera
  • Some reading materials ( Magazines, Novels etc)
  • Money pouch/belt/inside pocket
  • Snow gaiters
  • Snacks and nutrition

About Renting Equipments and Gears in Kathmandu.

You can easily hire things required for trekking such as Sleeping bags, down Jackets, Boots and other equipments in Kathmandu, especially in Thamel as there are many shops which offer sales and rent both. You can decide on what to hire, if you don’t want to bring it from home after arriving here as we will assist you before you start the trek. Our trek guide will lead you to some of the shops with large stocks of trekking accessories and bargain for you as well !

We provide-

In tea house trek we don’t need much equipments but a sleeping bag is provided if you are going more than 4000m. But if you are doing camping trek we will provide all the cutlery and utensils, cooking pots, stoves; candles/kerosene lantern, tables and stools, kitchen tent, dining tent and toilet tent; all the main meals while trekking but not snacks; and the best service we can manage. You can request us for any additional requirement